Friday, January 13, 2012


Welcome to what possibly might be the last blog of 2012! 
Geez. For someone who LOVES
to talk, I sure have a hard time keeping up a blog!

Maybe because:
1) What I have to say isn't that interesting.
2) I am not as funny as I think
3) No one knows I have a blog
4) I don't have any cool prize-giveaways...

I guess it's the last one. *heheeehee*

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Guess What...

My last blog entry was from the SUPER BOWL.  & This past weekend was Season 1 of the NFL.  So, without mentioning off-season conditioning and preseason activities, I am officially a "NFL Season Blogger." or something like that. 
Maybe I can claim I was on "Lock Out" for contract negotiations between myself & my computer?
Maybe I was injured during the last play of the Super Bowl (which I was... read my Super Bowl entry).  & just got cleared by my doctor... Yeah, that's it.

Either way, I'm back.  I think i will "theme" my blog so you can read about all my YMCA & Cooking adventures.  Because NOTHING is easy with Sara Lou.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Super Bowl of Guacamole

My former supervisor advised me to write a book on my kitchen experiences.  This would be chapter 4, I think...

First, I need to say - I make awesome Guacamole.  And I don't use a packet.
Second, I do not have a recipe, necessarily.
Third, I have recently learned that I cut my avocados incorrectly.

I am not sure it matters, since after I cut the avocados, I squeeze their 'meat' out of their skins and then send them through the blades of my Magic Bullet. Bruising them as they are opened is the LEAST of the avocado's concern.  (But I will do Auntie Lois's method, because she's awesome and why would I stray from her advice?)
I decided to prepare my "Award Winning Guac*" for the Super Bowl party my mom and dad were hosting...

* Tim gave me the guac award, it might not count, but if Tim's happy - we're all happy.

My auntie Terri was very curious as to how the Magic Bullet works, since she's heard so much about them.  I zip the first half of the batch off into the M.B.'s Blender attachment.  Not very impressive since I didn't use enough Lime Juice (not having a recipe can sometimes hurt).  It took a few stirs, a few shakes & a couple more caps of lime juice before it was working.

Of course I managed to chew up the end of my mom's wooden spoon. 
... THEN STICK IN SPOON...  Elementary (jr. high?) Home Econ, right?

I don't *think* any wood ended up in my guac.

Then, as I attempt to cut my avocado the "proper" way according to Auntie Lois, I manage to slice through the avocado & into my pinky.  Okay - in her defense at no time did Lois say "hold the avocado in your hand & cut TOWARDS your flesh".  But that's the Sara Way.  
I decided against the ambulance ride and the 72 stitches to reattach my finger.  2 Band-Aids and a scoop of Guacamole did the trick. 
(The scoop of Guacamole was for my mental health - not the wound.  I'm unaware of any healing powers in guacamole.  However, I have learned that the ONION can reattach fingers & heal large wounds... that's another story).

Cousin Carrie offered to work the knife for me since I was a little apprehensive.  

Spoon-ruined CHECK
Finger-injured   CHECK

Two Large Bowls of DELICIOUS homemade Guacamole   CHECK!

Another successful cooking story from Sara Lou.

The Super Bowl

It is the day after the Super Bowl.
As a committed fan of the Minnesota Vikings, it was SO hard to cheer for the Packers.  Yes, they are in our division & I should cheer for the Ol' NFC, but... the Packers? Come On! Any other NFC team but them!!!

I had a Catch-22 this year.  It seems like whatever team I have cheered for - has lost:
Example A: Obviously the Vikings kind of choked this season.   
Example B: AFC Wild Card Game - I have to cheer for the Indianapolis Colts.  They loose. 
Example C: NFC Wild Card Game - I can NOT cheer for the Packers, so I cheer for the Eagles... Eagles loose.

During the Divisional Play-offs, it goes a little better for "My Team".
I now am cheering for the Steelers - because my newest Sister In Law is from Pittsburgh & you cheer for family (Win!). 
I cheer for whoever is playing against the Patriots because those Big "Celebrity" teams & Tom Brady's Hair bug me (Patriots loose!!).
 I cheer for the Bears & the Packers to win because I'm mad at the Falcons for the past (1998 Playoffs).  & I think a Bears/Packers game in the playoffs Go Bears.


But the Bears eventually loose to the Packers (because I'm cheering for them, of course).  The curse continues.

Looking at a Steelers/Packers Super Bowl, puts me in a quandary.  Do I cheer for the Packers, in hopes they loose - or stay true to my purple-blood & cheer for "whoever is playing the Pack"... knowing it is a curse & that poor team will succumb to my poison.

Well, however the stars aligned last night, I cheered for the Steelers (except an occasion or two when I thought the Green jerseys were Black & thought the Steelers made an awesome plays - just to be told I was cheering for the wrong team).

And this morning, the Packers are Super Bowl XLV Champions. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

December 2010. The End.

Apparently tonight is the night life will end in Minnesota.  I just wanted to post a final entry for my non-Minnesotan friends & family - so you-all will know how much you are (were?) loved.  In the remote chance I survive this "Blizzard of a Lifetime", I'll just come back with a BIG "JUST KIDDING, Ya'll!"

For 3 days all we've heard is "snow snow snow.  Blizzard, Blizzard, Blizzard.  Cold, Cold, Cold."
Okay - we get it.  It IS mid-December in Minnesota, after all.  I expected my friend in Warner-Robbins, GA (Hi Jennie!!) to go on & on & on & on & on about the coating of snow they received since it is Georgia... but she briefly mentioned it happened... AND THEN MOVED ON WITH HER DAY. 
Minnesotan's - TAKE NOTE.

I must say - the forecasts were SO grim & gloomy that the Osseo-(MN) District schools cancelled all weekend activities and closed all district buildings.  THAT, my friends, is why I am guessing life will cease after tonight.  In my 13 years with the Osseo School District, I remember one snow-day & one "wind-chill/cold/the Govenor made us do it" closure.  Their philosophy was... "It's Minnesota.  Deal with it."

The funny thing is sitting at work listening to all the precious ladies sitting around chatting about how cold, how windy, how trecherous... whatever it is outside.  & then I turn around and say "Actually - it was really nice this morning - not windy at all! I didn't have to scrape my windshield & the roads were plowed down to the pavement!"  So evil.  I take away their bad-weather-thunder.  They look at each other... Shoot! Now what do we talk about?!

Today, Hayley was sick.  She peaked at a 102* fever and took a 4 hour nap.  So, at 10:30pm, she is wide awake, fever-free and bouncing off the ceiling.  We went outside to move the car and ran into a neighbor... - also out walking his Kindergartener at 10:30pm! SO funny.  I said, "Wow, I guess this IS a good time to be walking the kids..."  At first he didn't see Hayley & was a little defensive... but then laughed.  His son, Jackson, recognized Hayley from the bus.  Whole point of the story - no one can say "Every other Kindergartener is in bed by now" to Hayley.   Actually that wasn't the point of the story.  Have I EVER really had a point to any story I've ever told?  Today I had lunch with my Bestie, Noelle.  I built up a story SO much... I forgot what I was talking about.

I am just blogging to blog right now.  I'm exhausted.  I was keeping Hayley company, but she just announced  "I'm done being awake now.  The nap wore off." & marched to bed.  I love her.

Even though my eyes are crossing, I think I'll go write a Christmas Letter - for those who don't have internet (i.e. My Grandma Harder and ... I wonder if Grampa B has a computer...).

Remember - if I don't survive the Blizzard to end all Blizzards... I really did appreciate every one of you for your unique roll in keeping me who I am! :) *loves*!